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This archival quality 8 x 10 inch print features a cat in tones of magenta, blue and black with metallic gold accents. The imagery is set on a rich multi-layer background exploration of color and texture. Printed with archival inks on metallic archival quality paper by the artist.

This artwork is based on a photograph taken by the artist on a street corner in Istanbul, Turkey where a cat was digging through a heap of trash on the curb at night. To the artist, it serves as a powerful metaphor about certain aspects of life and culture as explained in the artist statement below.

This unframed work of art arrives in a clear protective sleeve with certificate of authenticity. Print is signed by the artist.

Framing options available here — Framing Option

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It is easy to view a painting like this one and appreciate how well the cat has been rendered or the combination of colors, the shine of the gold, etc. But I want to challenge you to go deeper.

This piece holds a great deal of metaphor and meaning for me. How might you connect your own experiences or what is happening in the world to what you see here?... a cat walking away from a pile of garbage spilling from a bag printed with the word IDEAL. One thing this image represents for me is anything presented to us as ideal or said to bring about the ideal (life, wealth, religion) but is really nothing but clever “trash talk”… in which case it is time to walk away.

I captured this image on a street corner while visiting the city of Istanbul, Turkey. As we walked back to our hotel one evening, I heard something rummaging around in the pile of trash at the curb. I pointed my camera at it. In snapping the picture, the flash revealed a cat. Istanbul has a lot of cats some of whom are “famous” and can be followed on Instagram.



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Dimensions 8 × 10 in

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