Christ Pantocrator Blank Notecard Set



This set of blank notecards with envelops features a closeup and detail from my Christ Pantocrator textile mosaic. Each card is printed on heavy-weight ultra-smooth white cardstock by my local printshop, Waltner Media. The back of each card is printed with information about the artwork, my name and website address.

These blank notecards are great for saying thank you, thinking of you, or just hello. A great reminder of the abiding presence of Christ.

Set includes 6 cards and 6 white envelopes in a clear cellophane sleeve. Notecards measure approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Envelop is standard A2 size.

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Christ Pantocrator Textile Mosaic (after mosaic in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral) by Michelle L Hofer, 9 x 4.5 feet, fabric construction, 2011

My textile Pantocrator mosaic is based on the mosaic I saw in the Aya Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul. Mine is just slightly larger than the original and is the most extensive work of art I have ever completed. It contains around 20,000 hand-cut fabric tiles in cotton, satin and taffeta fabrics versus stone tiles. An iron-on backing was applied to a variety of colored fabrics which were then hand cut into 1/4—3/8 inch squares. The squares were then individually positioned on the sheer background fabric and ironed into place.

Pantocrator is the Greek word meaning Almighty, all-powerful, ruler of all, sustainer of the world. Pantocrator is the name given to Christ in the book of Revelation where it appears nine times.



Christ Pantocrator Mosaic Textile (after mosaic in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral), 2011 by Michelle L Hofer)

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