South Dakota Landscapes Notecard Set



This set of blank notecards with envelops features infrared black and white photographs of scenic eastern South Dakota. Each card is printed on heavy-weight ultra-smooth white cardstock by my local printshop, Waltner Media. The back of each card is printed with information about the artwork, my name and website address.

These blank notecards are great for saying thank you, thinking of you, or just hello. Beautiful, transportive imagery reminiscent of another time and place.

Set includes 6 cards (3 images — 2 of each image) and 6 white envelopes in a clear cellophane sleeve. Notecards measure approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Envelop is standard A2 size.

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River Road by Michelle L Hofer, infrared photograph, 2005

Wild Plums by Michelle L Hofer, infrared photograph, 2005

James River by Michelle L Hofer, infrared photograph, 2005

I took these photos with infrared black and white film. Infrared film is sensitive to a spectrum of light not seen by the naked eye — foliage and vegetation radiate a soft white glow — skies appear luminescent. The overall grainy, mottled appearance is produced by a filter placed inside the camera body between the lens and film.

I captured these images during one of the many "nap drives" I took midafternoon when my children were little in hopes of lulling them to sleep.


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