Angels Blank Notecard Set #1



This set of blank notecards with envelops features paintings of angels in vibrant colors. Each card is printed on heavy-weight ultra-smooth white cardstock by my local printshop, Waltner Media. The back of each card is printed with information about the artwork, my name and website address.

These blank notecards are great for saying thank you, thinking of you, or just hello. Bold visual reminders of God’s ever present care and protection.

Set includes 6 cards (3 images — 2 of each image) and 6 white envelopes in a clear cellophane sleeve. Notecards measure approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Envelop is standard A2 size.

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Midnight Messenger by Michelle L Hofer, mixed media on paper, 2018

Protector by Michelle L Hofer, mixed media on paper, 2018

Give to the Lord (Psalm 96) by Michelle L Hofer, mixed media on paper, 2019

What we see is not all that exists...

Beyond our physical world is a realm unimaginable filled with God's love and care in the form of angels — divine guardians and messengers. Each of us is tended by these holy beings. In traditional Christian art, the symbolic representation of a messenger angel depicts them carrying a staff and an emblem of Christ (a round disk marked with the Greek initials for Jesus Christ) while guardian/warrior angels carry a sword. The Christian Scriptures identify 2 angels by name: Messenger Angel Gabriel and Warrior Angel Michael.


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