We are One – Holy Trinity, 2018 by Michelle L Hofer
We are One – Holy Trinity, 2018 by Michelle L Hofer

We Are One (Holy Trinity) — 2018

by Michelle L Hofer
Mixed media collage on paperboard

Background text: Chapter 17 of John’s Gospel
Translation of German text along wing:
…that they may be one even as we are one. – John 17:22b

I created these pieces in conjunction with the Lost Sight blog series written at the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The 12-part blog series explored the disruption of the art and faith connection that came about during the Reformation. Pages of text copied from a Luther Bible I found at the local recycling center became the base for the three collages. My intent was to restore a traditional icon image to each of the passages selected thereby reconnecting the Protestant faith (with its high regard for Scripture) to the Christian expressions of art it had abandoned.

The passage of Jesus’ prayer for His followers to be in unity from John 17 is one that often comes to mind whenever I work with a version of Rublev’s Holy Trinity. I have chosen to reunite these beautiful words and images here in this piece.

Read more about the creation of this piece from the blog here >

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