The Crucifixion of Christ, 2011 by Michelle L Hofer
The Crucifixion of Christ, 2011 by Michelle L Hofer

The Crucifixion of Christ 2011

by Michelle L Hofer
Pen and ink drawing with chalk pastel and Swarovski crystal on paper

From the hands it came down
From the side it came down
From the feet it came down
And ran to the ground
Between heaven and hell
A teardrop fell
In the deep crimson dew
The tree of life grew

And the blood gave life
To the branches of the tree
And the blood was the price
That set captives free
And the numbers that came
Through the fire and the flood
Clung to the tree
And were redeemed by the blood

Redemption lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Songwriter: Johnny R. Cash

Based on a Byzantine icon form of the crucifixion of Christ, this art piece contains intentional symbols. The skull in a cavern at the base of the cross signifies both Golgotha, the name of the hill on which Christ was crucified and death. The sun turned blood red and the moon gone dark hover over the cross and stand as representatives of the whole creation acknowledging this death of great significance.

I have placed red Swarovski crystals on each of Christ’s wounds. This is my own way of honoring Christ’s sacrifice and the sacredness of this blood shed in love.

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