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This delicate porcelain leaf glazed in white with 22k gold details is stamped with the word “wisdom”. A one-of-a-kind handmade piece serving as a reminder God provides healing for the weary and hurting. The attached fabric accent leaves and velvet ribbon feature indigo hues which can can remind you to consider carefully and listen more.

Hang this beautiful remembrance on the knob of your dresser drawer where it can prompt a quick prayer as you start your day or suspend it near your work station as a visual encouragement. This unique item also makes a wonderful uplifting gift when you take a moment to bless it with a prayer for the receiver.

Each leaf is packaged in a custom felt pouch embellished with the signature Birch Tree Studio golden leaf. An explanation card is also included. The back of each leaf is signed and dated by the artist.

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New to this year’s Tree of Life Leaves collection is the chromotherapy/color therapy element. For centuries scientists have been intrigued with the healing abilities of both light and color. Should it surprise us the the Divine would make light — the very essence of the Eternal’s being — a source of healing? Even now there is research that indicates taking in a little Vitamin D directly from the sun each day can speed recovery from Covid-19.

Light of course can be broken down into a spectrum of various hues, and these colors are said to uniquely carry healing power. There is still much research to be done into how color can affect us, but I find the current understandings to be quite exciting. I’ve read up on the properties of various colors — their psychological effects and healing possibilities and have allowed this information to guide the selection of colored fabrics and ribbons to pair with each of the leaves. The card included with each leaf explains the corresponding color and includes a short Scripture for further encouragement.

“For I will make you well again and heal your wounds"  — Jeremiah 30:17

When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, their transgression cut them off from the Tree of Life and its many benefits. In the book of Revelation, we are told one day those in Christ will again be free to eat its fruit and access its healing leaves.

I think about that tree. I long for those leaves of healing for our world. These leaves serve as a reminder that God provides healing for all that is hurting and broken.

My heavenly guide brought me to the river of pure living waters, shimmering as brilliantly as crystal. It flowed out from the throne of God and of the Lamb, 2 flowing down the middle and dividing the street of the holy city. On each bank of the river stood the tree of life, firmly planted, bearing twelve kinds of fruit and producing its sweet crop every month throughout the year. And the soothing leaves that grew on the tree of life provided precious healing for the nations. Blessed are those who wash their garments. In the end, they have rightful access to the tree of life and will enter the city through its gates. — Revelations 22:1-2, 14



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