He Provides (Elijah’s Raven) – mixed media painting



This original 8in x 10in acrylic painting features an Egyptian inspired image of a raven bringing Elijah bread in deep gold, brown and black tones with metallic silver dot work. The background of this piece is a rich multi-layer exploration of color and texture on heavyweight paper. The imagery leans heavily into Egyptian stylization and is enlivened by the zealous stippling.

This piece is based on an Egyptian form of the falcon-god, Horus, who among other things, was believed to rule the sky by controlling both the sun and moon. In this painting, falcon has been transformed into raven. The disk previously representing the sun now becomes the familiar disk of bread appearing in Christian icons of the prophet Elijah being fed in the desert by a raven.

This unframed work of art arrives in a clear protective sleeve with certificate of authenticity. Dated and signed by the artist on back of piece.

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There are many beautiful representations in Christian icon imagery depicting the story of the prophet Elijah having been fed by ravens while hiding in the desert. Elijah sits in anticipation of receiving the bread (a disk reminiscent of a communion wafer) brought by the raven. Like Elijah fleeing to the desert, woundedness/rejection/pain are naturally something we seek to avoid, and yet ironically theses have the potential to serve as a catalyst for tremendous personal growth and maturity — a hidden gift we can receive from the Divine. Now, the disk of bread brought by the raven becomes the representation of that possible gift in the midst of all that we receive as struggle and suffering.


Our world is one of enchantment — there is an element which eludes our physical senses yet speaks to our souls. It is the mystery of divine dwelling.

Though life may feel nothing more than a random string of events, to discover meaning woven into such occurrences is to encounter the Divine. The challenge comes in trying to hold onto such findings in the face of reason and science. How does one begin to explain a feeling, a vision, a word or a touch that defies logic?

Many persons have had such experiences, but have hidden them deep inside lest they be deemed foolish for believing such miracles can occur. My work in this series is an exploration of the internal battle raging over the adoption of a new perspective on and understanding of the world.

What is the fusion between sacred order and apparent chaos, between spiritual and physical realms? Can we ever share what cannot be explained without receiving reactions of doubt and skepticism?

ENEMY: Stoke the fire, toss in your mysteries and questions, stories of miracles and angels, visions and dreams…
Give up on your all-things-are-possible God, Christian…
Can you not understand just how disenchanted this world really is?
You are a fool…and no one will believe you…
What say you, Christian?
ME: No.

This painting is part of the series, The Battle of Enchantment — an ongoing exploration of some of my personal beliefs around the existence of a spiritual realm, the angels that occupy this space and the divine interaction between it and our world. Each piece begins with color and texture — studies in chaos. I then contemplate and select various images representative of sacred presence and care to balance the randomness of each color study.

The Egyptian artistic style is one I have been in enamored with since I was a child. I admire the clean lines and often rhythmic details found in Egyptian art. I combine this with a technique found in Celtic Christian illumination: to outline/fill the space between forms with tiny red dots — a visual indicator of the life-giving Word. I use a dot pattern to likewise add a sense of life and divine energy to my work.



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