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by | Nov 25, 2020 | Beauty Heals Us, Influences

BTS - Korean Pop Group
Korean pop music sensation, BTS

WARNING: This is a fluff piece… cuz it’s 2020 and we need this.

My family describes the majority of my musical preferences as “sad and depressing” — and that is pretty accurate. I like my music for the most part mellow and dark. But I do enjoy something a bit peppy/happy every now and then.

If you aren’t familiar with the dudes in this picture, they are the Korean pop music sensation known as BTS. This year they are the first Korean pop group to be nominated for a Grammy Award. I will most definitely be cheering them on because I’m becoming a super fan!

BTS along with other Korean pop stars such as CL and her group 2NE1* are saving 2020 for me right now. SERIOUSLY. While I could listen to Radiohead and Elliot Smith into infinity, this has been the year where I’ve needed to lighten things up. There is just something magical about these guys and they are SUPER fun to watch perform like this week on the AMA awards. After a sappy love ballad they came out in their pink silk tuxes and put on one killer dance show to their hit, Dynamite. Guys, this is exactly what 2020 and the world needs right now! Five stars!

*I’m sure K-pop groups all have real cool Korean band names, but we just get to refer to them by letters and numbers – it doesn’t diminish their awesomeness. Also, my studio name abbreviates to BTS… so match made in heaven! LOL

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