I tell you the truth: the hour is coming, and now is — when the Voice of the Son of God will penentrate death’s domain, and everyone who hears will live. — Jesus of Nazareth

There is a special time of day photographers call the “golden hour” and it happens at dawn and dusk. The sky appears to have been set on fire. It glows in tones of gold, pink and red. The sun casts a golden glow across the landscape and for a brief time everything is magical. My latest work includes mounted paintings and prints inspired by the “golden hour” phenomenon.

Jesus talked often about “the hour”… that which is to come… and is now… He speaks of the hour the Son of Man will be glorified… the hour of judgment… the hour of His return… all of which we are to keep watch for. These are the “golden hours” in our lives of faith. The kingdom does indeed come to us in the happenings of our daily lives. Do we recognize these moments of divine light for what they are?

The hour has come
for the Son of Man
to be glorified.


Back in sixth grade I had a life-shaping experience when the film our teacher chose to show us was on the treasures of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The film opened in total darkness and as the narrator began speaking, out of the black came the golden shinning death mask of King Tut… MY WORD what new awesome thing is this?!?! The Egyptians, King Solomon, the Romans… it was “go GOLD or go home.” 

Then on a trip as a young adult to Istanbul with friends, I stood in awe beneath glittering golden mosaics of Christ and the saints. I found a new love and a new calling along with a new enthusiasm for using gold in my work.

And then of course there’s what happens in nature. The sun hits that spot on the horizon and infuses everything in its sight with a glow of gold… we are smitten.


Gold Embossed Prints


Original Paintings

The Message Bearer - mixed media painting by Michelle L Hofer
St. George and the Dragon - mixed media painting pair by Michell
The Eternal One - mixed media painting by Michelle L Hofer
St. George and the Dragon - mixed media painting pair by Michell
Night Guardian - mixed media painting by Michelle L Hofer


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