Wings of Presence – command his angels



This porcelain hand-sculpted wing stamped with the words of Psalm 91:11 is glazed in gunmetal grey with 22k gold raised dot accents. A one-of-a-kind ceramic piece designed to hang on a wall with a beautiful floating effect serves as a visual reminder of God’s care and protection.

Give your family and guests a beautiful message of encouragement with this unique art piece gracing the wall of your home. Hang it in a quiet corner near a chair and a cozy blanket to create a simple retreat for reading and prayer.

The size of this art piece is approximately 9in x 4in x 1in. The back is stamped with the scripture reference and is signed and dated by the artist.

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I had in mind the story of Elijah being encouraged and strengthened by a heavenly messenger (an angel of the Lord) from I Kings when I created this series. Elijah has fled to the desert after overseeing the killing of Baal’s prophets in Israel, an act that has enraged Queen Jezebel. He is afraid, filled with despair and asks to die. God sees him there lying under the broom tree comes to him at his lowest moment.

The shape of this wing art piece is inspired by an ancient Egyptian form - an artistic style I have been in enamored with since I was a child. I admire the clean lines and often rhythmic details found in Egyptian art. The dot work is something you will find on nearly every piece I make and it is inspired by Celtic Christian illuminations of the Gospels. Illuminators often used red dots to outline words and letters to give the feel of the Word being alive. I use dots to represent an art piece's life-giving potential hoping the viewer will connect to the Divine through the work.

The Scripture passage I have chosen for this piece are needed words of comfort and serve as a reminder to me of how God does not leave us or forsake us — even now His angels watch over us.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. — Psalm 91:11



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Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 in

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