Happy Little Trinket Dish – large (water)



This white porcelain ceramic trinket dish features a quaint evergreen framed waterfall in deep green and soft blue tones. The handmade quality of this artwork stands out having been created with a focus on enjoyment over perfection just as Bob taught. The raised dot border adds further charm to this happy little ceramic piece.

Put a little whimsy into your home with this unique and encouraging art piece. Better yet, wait for the smiles from family and friends who receive this piece as a heartening gift. A fun nod to America’s most beloved television painter.

The size of this dish is approximately 4.5in x 3in and comes packaged in a custom handmade felt pouch accented with velvet ribbon and the signature Birch Tree Studio golden leaf. The included inspiration card makes it perfect for gifting. Signed and dated by the artist on back of piece. PLEASE NOTE: No one piece is identical and may vary slightly from those shown here.

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I had the experience of a lifetime as an 8th grader — my parents agreed to let me take a painting class from Steve Ross, Bob Ross’ son. I skipped school for a full week. I absolutely loved every minute of the workshop. I went on to spend many many hours in the basement painting scenic wonderlands. My mom even got me a booth a local arts & crafts fair so I could sell the paintings I was busy cranking out.

But there came a point in my artistic explorations and studies where no longer held the experience in such high regard. I chose to tuck that bit of history away... “I can’t believe I ever made such cliched landscape art.”

The television painting series, “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross”, which aired on PBS for over a decade beginning in 1983 has been experiencing a rise in popularity once again. The artist’s calm nature, his wise sayings, reflections on life and art-making, and step-by-step painting demonstrations have become a hit with a whole new generation of viewers.

And this has caused me to look a bit less judgmentally at my early training and introduction into the challenging medium of oil paint. SO much in fact, that in seeing just how very formative Bob and Steve were to my techniques and mindset as an artist, it has inspired this new body of work. When Covid hit, I knew it was the right time to work on these light-hearted happy little ceramic pieces.



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Dimensions .4 × 4.5 × 3 in

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