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This archival quality 8 x 10 inch print features an abandoned house in sepia brown tones with golden grass and dot work on a soft white and blue and green background.  This depiction is a lively combination of brushwork and stippling on a rich multi-layer background exploration of color and texture. Printed with archival inks on metallic archival quality paper by the artist.

Abandoned farms and their buildings are something of a commonality here on the South Dakota prairie. Hollowed out structures slowly decaying and sinking back into the earth raise questions of what and who had once been. Such places speak on the spiritual level too.

This unframed work of art arrives in a clear protective sleeve with certificate of authenticity. Print is signed by the artist.

Framing options available here — Framing Option

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Jesus was very much a lover of metaphor. I guess I am too. Art has always allowed me the space to think about what my subject might symbolize. Art making also has a way of leading me into deeper contemplation of and wrestling with Scripture. The following passage came to mind as I worked on this piece. It’s one of Jesus’ more perplexing stories and all sorts of questions rose for me around it.

Let Me tell you what will happen to this wicked generation: When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it rattles around through deserts and other dry places looking for a place to rest—but it does not find anywhere to rest. So the spirit says, “I will return to the house I left.” And it returns to find that house unoccupied, tidy, swept, and sparkling clean. Well, then not only does one spirit set up shop in that sparkling house, but it brings seven even more wicked spirits along. And the poor man—the house—is worse off than he was before. This evil generation will suffer a similar fate. — Matthew 12:43-45

This artwork features a technique I found in Celtic Christian illumination: to outline/fill the space between forms with tiny red dots — a visual indicator of the life-giving Word. I use a dot pattern to likewise add a sense of life and divine energy to my work.



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Dimensions 8 × 10 in

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