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This quality 5 x 7 inch print features the Chi Rho design from the illuminated Celtic gospel, The Book of Kells, in rich jewel tones and metallic gold detail. The imagery, based on one of Christianity’s most beloved images, is a vibrant combination of linework and stippling on a rich multi-layer background exploration of color and texture. Printed on heavy-weight cardstock with raised gold emboss details. Mounted print is ready for hanging or standing display on 3/4 inch deep panel board. This piece is exquisite.

There is one page in the Book of Kells that stands out as an artistic masterpiece of immense beauty. It is called the Chi Rho (pronounced KEE – row) page. It is a highly decorative monogram for Christ whose name is spelled ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ. The X is Greek letter Chi and the P is letter Rho. The page is filled with unbelievable woven knotwork and spirals. All this intricacy is found on a parchment page approximately 13 by 9.5 inches in size. This is my meager attempt to create something similar.

This unframed work of art arrives in a clear protective sleeve with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Mounted print is signed by the artist on the panel side.


In a college library in Ireland sits one of the most valuable and impressive books in the world. It dates back to around the year 800, but so much is unknown about this rare jewel including who made it and where. There is no question however as to the why. The book, known as the Book of Kells, is a work of art every follower of Christ should be familiar with. Unfortunately, for many (myself included until recent years) it is not all that widely known.

I’ve lived through many ages… I’ve seen suffering in the darkness. Yet I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places. I have seen the book… the book that turned darkness into light. — Aisling, The Secret of the Kells

Christian communities in the Middle Ages, especially those in the Celtic world, had a place known as the Scriptorium. Here, books and manuscripts were both kept and copied by monks (tediously by hand, of course). The newly converted Celtic Christian scribes started to get super fancy in their copying task turning the work into worship creating elaborate page designs and illustrations. This is known as illumination. No book was more attentively and creatively rendered among the Celts like a volume of the Gospels. The Book of Kells is the finest existing example of an illuminated Gospel.



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 in
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Unmounted Print, Mounted Print

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